Andrea Nisbet. Echi 

OPENING: Thursday 9 May 2024 6 p.m.

10 May – 29 June 2024

Biasutti & Biasutti gallery presents an exhibition entitled “Echi”, dedicated to Andrea Nisbet, born in Torre Pellice in 1960.

The exhibition delves into the varied and multifaceted nature of his work, especially in relation to his more recent production, exploring a new dialogue between his ink works, oil works and sculptures. The title, suggested by the artist, investigates the energy of sound that inhabits his most recent creations, whose standard feature is the depiction of the mountain.

The exhibition itinerary includes around fifteen works characterizing the different production phases of Nisbet. Through the discovery of ancient paper registers in parchment, the artist created his ink works on these single or double-page sheets, representing nature through the majesty of the mountains, where the echo propagates in time and space. The development of the work of ceramic vases, mounted on high cedar or fir wood columns, came later. Moving from the two-dimensionality of the sheet to the three-dimensionality of the sculpture, the series of vases is characterized through the homage that Nisbet pays to various artists from the history of art of the past. It is no coincidence that works entitled "Ocher vase to Peter Paul Rubens", "Lime vase to El Greco" and "Cream vase to Peter Bruegel the younger" are part of the exhibition. The vase, modeled and painted, reports the life’s years of selected masters of the past, in which the observer is led to an all-round reading of the sculpture, embellished with mountain landscapes, bare trees and winter traces. Starting from 2022, Nisbet begins new research, which gives life to the "Vaso carretto" (Vase cart) and "Vaso carriola" (Vase wheelbarrow) series. The cart, an ancient nineteenth-century object, recovered by the artist, houses large vases, also dedicated to the masters of the past. On display the “Carrettovaso” is a tribute to Caspar David Friedrich. The exhibition is complemented by oils on canvas, refined diptychs from the "Prima luce ~ Ultima luce" (First light ~ Last light) series. The first, larger canvas represents his beloved mountain illuminated by the light of dawn, the second, smaller, placed next to the first, although slightly separated, continues the stretch of the mountain, but in the sunset phase. Curiously, the second canvas hides a double reading, because it can be turned upside down and the snow-capped mountain becomes the sky and the darkness of the sky becomes the mountain. This singular aspect gives a glimpse of Nisbet's unexpected and complex approach towards the representation of the concepts of time and space and the analysis of natural elements, used and represented in all his works.

The exhibition, which can be visited until June 29, is accompanied by a catalog with a text by Gloria Moure.


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