MULTIPLI. Anselmo I Boetti I Fabro I Gilardi I Paolini I Pascali I Penone I Pistoletto I Salvo 

OPENING:  Thursday 21 March 2019 6 p.m.

21 March 2019 -  27 April 2019

Biasutti & Biasutti Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works by some of the most representatives artists of the Arte Povera.  Since the beginning, the movement proposed a new attitude towards art, an approach related to randomness, to the event, to the present, an art not conditioned by habit, by everyday life, but immersed in a timeless dimension. It follows that art is no longer a privileged product, but an action, in which the artistic used processes are more significant than the realized object. A democratic art, in which the artist involves the observer in a new dimension of the work or a representation of the creative moment that generated it. The multiples satisfy this need. Made between the late sixties and the seventies, they originate from the need to build new dialectical relationships with reality. Their conception makes them unique, autonomous and precious in their multiplicity. The Manifesto by Boetti (1967) opens the exhibition, a particular synthesis of intentions and objectives of the movement, a list of sixteen artists, active in those years, each characterized by signs, placed in eight columns, then the Linea terra (1970) by Anselmo, a symbol of action and energy and the work by Fabro, De Italia (1972), an ironic representation of the Peninsula, in which the form and materials used allude to the country's political and economic situation. Among the multiples by Paolini, one of the 64 exemplaries of Locus solus (1975), inspired by the literary work of the French poet Raymond Roussel, whose portrait is imprinted on a chessboard. Next, a photograph by Penone, Guanto (1972), in which the artist uses the knowledge of his own existence, of his own body, to give himself an identity: his left hand imprints were reproduced on the glove, worn by his right hand, as if both complement each other perfectly, a sculptural metaphor for the positive with his negative.

Among the represented artists, Piero Gilardi, Pino Pascali and Michelangelo Pistoletto. Salvo, with his gravestones, marks a separate chapter highlighting, with the sculpted words, a contemporary mythography.

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